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The Setup Wizard will open automatically when NG Firewall first boots. If you do not have a keyboard/mouse/video connected to the NG Firewall server, the Setup Wizard can be reached by plugging into a DHCP-configured laptop into the internal interface opening a browser to

Once installed, the setup wizard can be repeated at any time and can be found in the NG Firewall GUI at Config > System > Support > Setup Wizard.

Welcome Page

For versions 16.3 and newer the Setup Wizard begins with a welcome page. Choose to either create an ETM Dashboard account or login with an existing account to get started. Your ETM Dashboard account is free and is necessary to activate a trial or complete license on the device. Your account is also linked to ETM Dashboard, enabling you to remotely manage your Arista Edge Threat Management appliances.

By logging in or creating your ETM Dashboard account, the Add Appliance wizard opens automatically and includes the UID of your appliance. The Add Appliance wizard guides you through the remainder of the setup steps for your new NG Firewall appliance. See Adding Appliances to ETM Dashboard for more details.

If your NG Firewall device is not connected to the Internet or requires specific configuration to connect, the wizard allows you to Configure the Internet Connection. If you are unable to connect to the Internet, you can continue with the local setup wizard by following these instructions: Offline Setup Wizard

The next steps include installing the desired apps and possibly tuning the configuration of your NG Firewall.