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This tab shows the current information about the Untangle server.


The first field shows the UID (Unique ID) of the untangle server. The UID is a 16 alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies this server for licensing and tracking purposes.

Never share the UID of the server.

The UID is generated automatically on install and each server must have a unique UID to function properly.

Cloning servers post-installation will create two servers with identical UIDs which will result in problems and licensing issues.

Server Information

The second field shows the build version and server information.

Build shows the version of the untangle-vm.

Kernel shows the kernel version. The other fields are used by Untangle support.

Current "licensed" device count shows the current number of devices in the host table that count as "licensed" devices.

Highest "licensed" device count since reboot shows the highest value of licensed devices seen by this Untangle since reboot.