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How does Arista NG Firewall licensing work?

Each NG Firewall that you have deployed must have its own subscription: you cannot buy one license and share it across multiple NG Firewall deployments.

Your seat count is determined by the number of networked devices inside the network which will be protected by NG Firewall. If you already have NG Firewall installed you can click on the Hosts viewer in the top navigation bar to see the devices on your network.

Our current pricing model allows you to purchase a monthly, 1-year, 3-year or 5-year subscription for any given NG Firewall deployment.

For licensing purposes, a user is defined as a device (PC, laptop, printer, &c.) on the network. If multiple people use the same computer, it still counts as one user.

Any hosts in excess of the allowed number will be automatically bypassed (not protected by NG Firewall applications).

NG Firewall tracks the number of devices connecting through it, and user environments that exceed the license entitlement will be flagged for further review. At this time, we do not automatically disable the software when usage exceeds the license count, but we reserve the right to do so after review of the violation(s).

How do I transfer my paid license?

License reassignment is described in our online knowledge base at How to transfer a subscription to another appliance

How do I purchase an NG Firewall subscription?

Subscription purchases can be completed by contacting your Account Manager or edge.sales@arista.com.

You can also purchase directly through our website:

  1. Log into your ETM Dashboard account.
  2. Click the orange GET STARTED button in the upper right-hand corner of the website, then select Buy to get started.

How do I decide which products I should purchase?

We recommend contacting our Sales department for assistance choosing the correct products & subscriptions for your network.

US Toll Free: +1 (866) 233-2296

International: +1 (408) 598-4299

You can also email the Sales department at edge.sales@arista.com.

I reinstalled my NG Firewall software. Why can't I reinstall my paid subscriptions?

Your NG Firewall subscription purchases are associated with your UID. When you reinstalled your NG Firewall, your UID changed. This is true even if you restore from a backup: the UID is not saved as part of a backup, only your configuration.

For help on transferring the subscription, please refer to this article: How to transfer a subscription to another appliance.

What happens if I stop paying Arista ETM for my subscription(s)?

When your NG Firewall communicates with the licensing server your license will be revoked. You will no longer be able to use paid applications. You will see 'No License Found' on the Apps page for any app that requires a subscription.

It's very easy to get your account back working again by contacting Sales (edge.sales@arista.com) to renew your subscription.

Note that your subscription only determines whether an application will function, but does not affect your settings. If your subscription lapses accidentally, it will return to its "normal" state once you've renewed your subscription.

What's a UID?

A UID (or Unique IDentifier) is a unique 16-character alphanumeric code that identifies your NG Firewall or Micro Edge installation. You can locate your UID in your ETM Dashboard account, on the Appliances page, or in the product's own GUI. In NG Firewall, the UID is found in Config > About and in Micro Edge, it's in Settings > About.

  • If you reinstall your NG Firewall or Micro Edge, you will get a new UID, and you will need to transfer any previous subscriptions to the new UID.
  • If you reset to factory defaults, your ETM product keeps its UID.

The UID is also required for Support to identify your ETM device and verify eligibility for support.

How do I know if my subscription was canceled?

If your subscription was canceled, either because you unsubscribed or for non-payment (i.e. your credit card expired), that subscription no longer appears under Subscriptions in the My Account area of ETM Dashboard.

How do I know if my NG Firewall trial has expired?

You can identify an expired trial by looking at the application's icon on the Apps page in NG Firewall. If expired, you'll see a message indicating No License Found. If it hasn't expired, then the message indicates how many days remain before the trial expires.

Can I make configuration changes to an expired trial?

Yes. When a trial expires for a software product, you can still access the applications's configuration tabs and make changes to the product; however, the product is disabled.

If a trial expires and then I purchase, what happens to my settings?

In a word: nothing. A trial expiration doesn't delete your configuration settings for a product. When you purchase the product, NG Firewall simply enables the paid applications, preserving all configuration settings that you set during the trial period.

Does a reset to factory defaults reset trials?


How can I get my trials reset?

If the 30-day trial period isn't long enough, you're welcome to contact Sales to request an extension: email Sales

Do my other applications still work after my trials expire?

Yes. Only paid applications (i.e., those requiring a license) are disabled once a trial expires.

How do I turn-off auto-renewal, unsubscribe, or cancel my subscription?

You can change your auto-renewal setting via this process: Enable or disable auto-renewal. Once a subscription expires, it will be automatically cancelled.

If you want us to cancel your subscription immediately or if your subscription is too close to your renewal date, you'll need to contact our Sales department for assistance: edge.sales@arista.com

I just purchased a product, however it is still reporting as a trial version?

First, make sure the subscription has been assigned to your UID. Follow this process to assign your subscription: How to assign a subscription to an appliance

If that doesn't solve the problem: From your NG Firewall, click Config > About > License and click Refresh in the lower-left corner. This will force the NG Firewall to refresh license status from the license server.

If you still have some time remaining on a trial, and you assign a subscription to the NG Firewall, the trial may still take precedence until it expires. At that time, the paid subscription will automatically "take over".

How do I renew my subscription(s)?

Most subscriptions are set to renew automatically. If you have disabled auto-renew on a subscription and you'd like it to renew, you can re-enable that option via this process: Enable or disable auto-renew

If your subscription has expired, it cannot be re-activated; you'll need to purchase a new subscription.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

This article will walk you through the process to upgrade a subscription: Upgrading a subscription

If you run into difficulties or the change you'd like to make is not available through ETM Dashboard, you can contact Sales for further assistance: edge.sales@arista.com