DHCP Server

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DHCP Server

These settings configured the settings of the DHCP Server running on the NG Firewall server.

Note: The DHCP configuration for each interface is handled in the configuration of that interface in Config > Network > Interfaces. This page handles the global DHCP configuration.

Static DHCP Entries

This table contains any static DHCP leases. Entries in this table will always be given the same DHCP lease with the configured address. For example if MAC Address = aa:bb:cc:00:11:22' and Address = then when the machine with aa:bb:cc:00:11:22 request a DHCP lease it will always be given

Current DHCP Leases

This shows the current table of active DHCP leases and their expiration time.

Custom dnsmasq options

This textfield holds any custom dnsmasq options. This is for advanced users. Misconfiguration of this field will result in improper functioning of the NG Firewall server. Any text in this field will be appended to the dnsmasq.conf.

DNSMasq is the server NG Firewall uses to provide DNS & DHCP services. DNSMasq documentation describes the options available.