Access Rules

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Access Rules

Access Filter rules apply to sessions destined to the Untangle server's local processes and only sessions destined to the Untangle server's local processes. These rules have no effect on sessions passing THROUGH Untangle and are only used to limit and secure access to local services on the Untangle server.

WARNING: Improperly configuring access rules can compromise the security and proper functioning of your Untangle server.

WARNING: Disabling rules in the default configuration may interfere with the proper functioning of many features of Untangle.

There are two rules not enabled by default:

  • Allow HTTPS on WANs - enable this rule if you would like HTTPS access externally.
  • Allow SSH - enable this rule if you would like SSH access to Untangle's SSH service.

WARNING: Changing other settings is Access Rules is not recommended.

Access Rules configuration:

  • Enable Access Rule
    • If checked, the rule is enabled. If unchecked the rule has no effect and is disabled.
  • IPv6
    • If checked, the filter rule will also be active with IPv6 addressing.
  • Description
    • A description of this rule. This is just for documentation.
  • Conditions
  • Action
    • Block or Pass. Block means the session dropped silently. Pass means the session will be passed.

The rules are evaluated in order on all new sessions going to the Untangle server as described in the Rules documentation. The action from the first matching rule is taken, if no rule matches the session is passed.