9.2.0 Changelog

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9.2 contains a new Application Control app and many platform and performance enhancements.

Application Control

  • New application for identifying and controlling network traffic


  • General performance improvements (#9012, #9240, #9254, #9625, #9675, #9661)
  • A new "Full Refresh" has been added to event logs to force flush events to database.
  • An "Export" ability has been added to allow exporting event logs to a CSV file.
  • "Full Refresh" now immediately dumps all events so there is no delay.
  • Remove ntpdate to prevent immediate aggressive time changes (#9480)
  • Add a "Force Time Sync" button in UI for setting the date on the server.
  • Change installer to use the entire disk (#9565)
  • Fix Source Interface matchers in Port Forwards, Bypass Rules, and Packet Filter Rules. (#9892)
  • Some additional sanity and validation checking in rule builder UI. (no duplicate matchers)
  • Security patches.


  • No longer need an email app for reports to correctly generate (#9626)
  • Hosts list now use only non-WAN unique hosts (#9630)
  • Fix Email list (#9627)
  • Improve usage of DHCP hostnames in hosts list (#9640)
  • Fix color mismatch in pie charts (#9661)
  • "Others" in top lists/charts now displays at bottom.
  • "Others" slice in pipe charts now exploded.
  • Graphs given consistent theme and look.

Web Filter

  • Youtube for Schools functionality added (#9574)
  • Better URL encoding for categorization lookups (#9275)
  • Block page will now show the category reason for the block not best category (#9280)
  • Fix mime-type flagging bug (#9641)
  • Fix unblock event log and merge with regular event log tab.
  • Temporary Unblock now lasts for one hour.


  • Added to "Standard Package." All existing Standard Package subscribers will now have access to IPsec.


  • Now distributes openvpn 2.2.2 (#9639)
  • Active sessions now shown on Status page

WAN Failover

  • UI tests fixed (#9634)
  • Event Logs fixed (#9478)
  • New Status page


  • Firewall action now a dropdown not a checkbox
  • New rules are now added at the bottom. (#9511)

Spam Blocker

  • Fix Tarpit event logs (#9593)

Protocol Control

  • Renamed to "Application Control Lite."

Bandwidth Control

  • New default rulesets with rules that leverage Application Control.

Web Cache

  • Cap disk usage to avoid performance issues.