Web Filter Common FAQs

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How do Web Filter and Web Monitor work?

Web Filter and Web Monitor both transparently scan HTTP and HTTPS traffic in order to monitor web activity on the network. Additionally, Web Filter can block inappropriate web activity as determined by the network administrator. Websites can be blocked or logged based on Category (Pornography, Social Networking, etc.), URL (facebook.com, youtube.com, etc.), content-type and much more.

Can I use both Web Filter and Web Monitor?

Web Monitor is a subset of the functionality of Web Filter. If you have Web Filter installed, there is no additional benefit of installing Web Monitor. If Web Filter has a valid license or is currently installed, Web Monitor will not be shown as installable.

How is Web Filter diffrent than Web Monitor?

Web Monitor is for monitoring web activity. Web Filter is for monitoring and blocking web activity. Web Filter is identical to Web Monitor, except with the ability to block and modify web content, such as:

  • Blocking web sites & categories
  • Enforce safe search
  • Restrict google applications

Can I install Web Filter or Web Monitor on a single computer to use as Parental Control software?

No. NG Firewall is designed to operate as a gateway or transparent bridge for an entire network and is not meant to filter the computer it is installed on. Installing NG Firewall will wipe out all existing data on the PC it is installed to. For filtering a single PC, other Internet filter/Parental Control software can be used.