Upgrade FAQs

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When will I get the upgrade version?

  • Upgrades are rolled out over time to the existing servers. The rollout can stretch out several weeks. If you want the upgrade immediately, email your box UID to support and request adding your UID to the Early Upgrade List.

Does the upgrade require a reboot?

  • If a reboot is needed, the upgrade will reboot automatically once the upgrade is installed. There is no need for a manually reboot. Most upgrades will not reboot as there is no kernel change.

How long does the upgrade take?

  • It's difficult to be precise since customer platforms. Internet connection speed and complexity of the upgrade vary. Generally upgrades take less than 20 mins. If the database version is changed as part of the Untangle upgrade, the process will take longer as the database will need to be converted. There are extreme cases of the upgrade taking over an hour.

Do I need to reinstall?

No, upgrade process will update all the components on the Untangle seamlessly.

Where can I get what is changed in the new version?