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The tab configures the region/location specific settings of the Untangle Server.

Current Time

This fields displays the current time on the Untangle Server.


This is the configured timezone. It is important to have the correct timezone configured to adjust for any time changes that take place throughout the year.


This is the configured language for the Untangle server. The administration UI will be displayed in this language, as well as user-visible pages such as the quarantine and blockpages. This will not change the language on certain strings like product names and all online services like the account management, help, and store pages.

Upload New Language Packs

This allows for the upload of new languages that are not bundled with the Untangle server. You can download new language packs at [1].

Users can help create and maintain other language packs at [2].

Force Time Sync

This button allows you to force the server time with the internet (via NTP).

Beware if your server time is significantly in the future (hours or days) then force syncing the time may cause issues as the server as the time will go backwards. Threads and processes that are sleeping until a certain calendar date will now awaken at the planned time as the server time has moved significantly backwards. To avoid this it is suggested to reboot after forcing the time to synchronize if the time was significantly off. Also, logs and reports may behave oddly and certain time periods will now occur twice.