14.0.0 Changelog

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14.0 is a major new release. It contains major infrastructure updates and new usability and performance improvements.

New O/S and Kernel

The Untangle distribution is now based on Debian 9 (stretch) and the 4.x kernel. This is a more modern O/S that includes systemd and a newer kernel with a wider array of hardware support, better performance, and faster boot time.

On upgrade all systems will be moved to the new O/S and will install the new kernel. The old kernel will still be booted by default until the users manually selects the new kernel to avoid any possible hardware regressions. The system must reboot at the end of the upgrade process so that systemd can manage the system correctly.

Reports and Dashboard Improvements

The dashboard provides a view into current activity on the network. It is completely customizable so that administrators can configure their view to show exactly what they care about. In addition to the traditional whole network view, the dashboard can now have conditions applied to it, so that the administrator can easily see detail for a specific user, policy, host, interface etc.

The layout and usability of reports has been improved and "conditions" now live at the top as does the date range. This allows the users to more easily and intuitively "drill-down" into specific user/host/etc reports.

Also, you can more easily "drill-down" into per-user, per-host, per-application, etc, reports by just clicking on the slice of the pie. For example, clicking on a host in "Top Host" on the dashboard or report will add a condition to quickly view that host's report. The same applies for other pie charts like top users, top applications, top domains, etc.

SD-WAN improvements

14.0 adds many new features that are helpful in SD-WAN deployments. Tunnel VPN tunnel connections can now be bound to specific WANs. This allows configuration of multiple tunnels for multi-WAN sites and ensure each tunnel is using the desired physical WAN connection.

Also, Tunnel VPN connections now have the ability to disable NAT so the cloud firewall has full visibility into the internal network. The remote firewall must support this configuration.

Wireless interfaces can now be configured as client to a wireless access point. This allows using wireless interfaces as a WAN to a 4G hotspot for a backup connection.

Setup Wizard

14.0 contains a new Setup Wizard. The setup wizard has an updated layout and is more responsive so Untangle can more easily be configured from a tablet or phone.

Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Prevention has many bugfixes and updates. It now merges upstream signature updates with existing user configurations more gracefully.


  • Many usability and smaller bugfixes
  • Amazon AWS builds are now included with all releases going forward
  • Many Safari issues have been addressed
  • Support for several new dynamic DNS provides added (cloudflare, google, etc)
  • Local chrome on console is now killed automatically if left open for more than 12 hours.