13.2.0 Changelog

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13.2 is a major new release. It contains many requested feature improvements and general usability improvements.

Administration Interface

  • Changed the dashboard to have one global timeframe setting
  • Added new policy overview widget
  • Added new widget for admin notifications
  • Added ability to create reports from scratch
  • Added ability to import/export reports
  • Improved the report editing and viewing interface
  • Added import/export to local directory


  • Added the ability to do two-factor authentication with password. Authenticated using directory connector (RADIUS, AD) or the local directory.
  • Update windows installer to 2.4.3 (Thanks Webfool!)


  • Added events for tunnel status changes
  • Added kernel hook to restart tunnel automatically
  • Added ping tests (with logging and alerts) for tunnels
  • Added new DH groups

Tunnel VPN

  • Implemented an additional reconnect method outside OpenVPN
  • Added events for tunnel status changes
  • Added status events and reports

Captive Portal

  • Added option to block SSL instead of capturing
  • Reimplemented MAC address tracking to a simpler design

Application Control

  • Added detection for VPN services like Zero and Express

Directory Connector

  • Active Directory servers now allows multiple servers to be queried. Rules now support different server using the new condition "Directory Connector: User in Domain"
  • Also for Active Directory, on Windows Server 2012 and above, group changes will notify the NGFW.


  • Added support for Netflow


  • Some fields in the host table (like tags) are now editable.
  • Added logging of HTTP filename (from disposition header)
  • Many bugfixes