Micro Edge 1.3

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Untangle SD-WAN Router 1.3 is a minor release that brings the ability to select Verizon in the LTE configuration for the Untangle e6wl SD-WAN Router appliance, as well as various minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • Verizon can be selected as the LTE provider with the SD-WAN Router e6wl appliance.
  • Autocomplete of Application names when setting up conditions
  • Added support for PPPoE type connections

Bug Fixes

  • Port Forwarding is now working
  • OpenVPN NAT settings are now working (NAT is always on)
  • Physical network interfaces can no longer be removed. They can be disabled, but not removed. VPN interfaces can still be deleted.
  • Fix for SQL report error when setting a dashboard condition
  • Fix for port ranges used in Shaping rules
  • Fix for high latency on new sessions over VPN tunnels
  • Fix for local traffic being routed over a WAN
  • Fix for bandwidth limit affecting VirtualBox instances
  • Fix for inaccurate WAN link status detection when IPv6 was disabled