Micro Edge 1.2

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Micro Edge 1.2 is a minor release that includes improvements to the User Interface, a few functionality improvements and bug fixes.


  • Factory reset capability from the administration User Interface
  • Set defaults for WAN Rules depending on the type of rule
  • Prompt before saving WiFi settings to warn of network disconnect
  • "Suggest an Idea" button added for users to provide instant feedback
  • Ability to remove VPN interfaces, as well as disable them
  • Fill in the rule ID in WAN routing reports

Bug Fixes

  • Traffic initiated on the Micro Edge does not obey WAN rules
  • Changing an OpenVPN setting does not take effect until rebooting
  • Country fields in the Sessions view is rendered incorrectly
  • OpenVPN sees VPN tunnels as up in cases that the remote side is down
  • UI does not show the IP address of VPN interfaces
  • GeoIP lookup updates

Note Micro Edge will automatically upgrade to version 1.2 if Automatic Upgrades are turned on, which is the recommended setting. Otherwise, upgrades from version 1.1 to version 1.2 can be performed from the local network, or through https on the WAN. Upgrades cannot be initiated through ETM Dashboard for this release.