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Devices provides a view of all current "devices" or unique MAC address on the local network(s).

Each row represents a single a device (unique MAC address) that has been seen on any LAN interface.

As NG Firewall scans and processes network traffic, the platform and many of the apps will save information about devices on the network. This information is stored in the "Device Table" and the Devices view provides a view into the device table.


The device view by default shows all devices and some basic information about each session.

  1. Refresh refreshes the grid with the current active sessions.
  2. Reset View resets the view to the default view. Any changes to the default view are saved in your local browser session.
  1. Add can be used to manually add devices to the device table.

However, As devices are discovered they are automatically added to the device table.

  1. Export exports the current device table to a JSON file.
  2. Import imports a JSON file into the device table

More controls can be accessed by mousing over any column head and using the drowdown menu on the column header.

  1. Sort Ascending sorts the selected column in ascending order.
  2. Sort Descending sorts the selected column in descending order.
  3. Columns allows the removal or addition of columns to the current view.
  4. Filter provides a way to filter current data on this column with the provided value.
  1. Save saves any changes manually made by the administrator

Unlike Sessions and Hosts, the device table is saved and permanent. The administrator can edit, modify, and save the values of the attributes for each Device.


Property Description
MAC Address The MAC address of this Device
MAC Vendor The Vendor of the MAC address of this Device if known
Interface The interface on which this Device was last seen
Last Hostname The last hostname of this device that was learned automatically (via DHCP, DNS, or Directory Connector)
Hostname The manually configured hostname for this device - this will be blank unless set by the administrator
Username The manually configured username for this device - this will be blank unless set by the administrator
HTTP User Agent The HTTP User Agent of this device (according to a recent HTTP request)
Last Seen Time The last time this device was seen on the network
Tags The tags of this device