16.6 Changelog

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Version 16.6 includes an update of the operating system to Debian 11 Bullseye. Other changes include branding updates and official localization of the web administration to German and Japanese.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - IPsec cipher list was incomplete for phase 1. It now includes the same cipher options as phase 2. The default ciphers have also been updated to match modern standards.
  • Fixed - LDAP queries to Active Directory with Smart card authentication enabled now work.

Important notice:

  • This is a significant release and may take more than an hour to complete.
  • This release requires a system restart.
  • Some CSS files may be cached resulting in inconsistent colors. Clearing the browser cache is recommended.
  • Python scripts in Captive Portal custom pages is no longer supported. Any custom scripts may not work after upgrading. This includes custom templates which were once available from this Wiki.


Version 16.6.1 is a minor update which addresses some issues identified in 16.6.0.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with Tunnel VPN routing all traffic across a tunnel
  • Issue with OpenVPN authentication
  • Issue with RADIUS server not starting/running
  • Issue with WAN Balancer routing traffic incorrectly
  • Issue with Google Drive syncing backups and/or Reports


Version 16.6.2 is a minor update which addresses some issues identified in 16.6.0 or 16.6.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with RADIUS server and Local Directory not showing usernames after login
  • Issue with some upgrades from 16.5.x failing
  • Issue with Reports data retention setting failing to apply correctly