16.4 Changelog

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NG Firewall 16.4 is a maintenance release with bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Bug Fixes & Updates

  • Improved reliability of Web Filter with updated Brightcloud daemon.
  • Added notification mechanism in admin UI to inform user of connectivity and license issues such as the inability to contact the licensing service.
  • Increased frequency of license update checks to 4 hours when online, and every 10 minutes when offline.
  • Updated app install behavior when no connection is detected. During initial setup, apps do not install until connectivity is detected.
  • Fixed - trials were starting when appliance was configured in offline mode. Trials now start when appliance becomes online.
  • Fixed - passwords for reports users were not successfully updated when edited.
  • Fixed - OpenVPN 2FA timeout is now configurable. The default behavior now does not have a timeout. The previous timeout was 1 hour.
  • Fixed - a trial license for the support app was not getting assigned during initial setup.
  • Fixed - shield feature was not initializing when appliance was configured in offline mode.
  • Fixed - resolved a clickjacking vulnerability in the admin web UI.
  • Fixed - IPsec bypass was always applied to tunnels regardless of the IPsec bypass option. Filtering is now applied if the bypass option is disabled.

Known issues:

  • Backups cannot be restored from prior versions - will be resolved in a patch release.


  • Resolves issue of restoring backups from prior versions.